Writing for Us

People write for Working Partners for different reasons.

  • Some are at the start of their careers and will benefit from close editorial feedback on their work and an introduction into the world of publishing.
  • Others are prolific and experienced writers trying to fit more writing and income into gaps in their schedules.
  • Others might have a great writing style, but struggle with plotting, which is our speciality.

We work with agented and unagented writers, published and unpublished. What we’re interested in is finding the best voices to bring our stories to life.

“When I began writing for Working Partners, I could tell at once that I was dealing with creative, meticulous, delightful editors, who made me feel part of the team. What I wasn’t prepared for was how much I’ve learned from the experience; the detailed editorial feedback helps me to examine my writing closely and, I hope, to improve it. The books are fun to write, the work fits in perfectly alongside my other writing projects, and it’s a pleasure to return to each day. Working with WP is a happy experience!”
Valerie Wilding, writer

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Our storyline provides the skeleton of the book, and we want a writer to put the flesh on the bones. Using creative writing parlance, our storyline ‘tells’ the story and we want the writer to ‘show’ it.

For more information about what we’re looking for in a sample, check out Tips on Writing a Sample.