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Did you know that even when we’re not brainstorming, storylining or editing, the Working Partners team are an incredibly creative bunch?

You can find us all over the web: writing, blogging, reviewing, teaching, drawing, singing and stitching!

So settle in and let us take you on a magical mystery web tour of the things WP editors get up to in their spare time…


Conrad has just published his first book for children, The Demon’s Watch. He blogs regularly at the David Fickling Books Storyblog, and has written a great piece on magical objects at the Guardian Children’s Books website.

Michelle is creative director of her own company, Dog Ear Creative, which produces gorgeous book trailers for upcoming releases.

Sara has published a dystopian YA novel, Dark Parties, which has just been awarded the Crystal Kite Prize by the Society of Children’s Book Writers and IllustratorsHer author website is here, and she also blogs for edgy YA author collective The Edge.

Karen keeps up two great blogs: one on her work as an author, and one on her adventures in sewing her own clothes! She’s even outfitted Rachel from Rights People with a handmade book fair dress

James has written awesome horror mash-ups Robin Hood Versus The Plague Undead and Blackbeard’s Pirates Versus The Evil Mummies under the pen-name James Black. But when he’s not horrifying small children, he also reviews kung-fu movies for Subtitled Online.

Elizabeth takes an art course every few months, usually in life drawing. She says: at the moment I’m trying something new – printmaking at the superb CityLit adult education college in London. I added the modesty-preserving bikini of buttons to this image before photographing it:

bikini art

Clare has written two books for Scholastic’s horror series: Midnight Howl (Poison Apple #5), which is out now, and Zombie Dog (Rotten Apple #2) which is out in August.

Rosie’s novel Skulk won a place in the 2012 Undiscovered Voices anthology, and when she’s not writing she sings with the Crouch End Festival Chorus – as a proud sci-fi nerd she’s particularly proud of their involvement with the soundtracks for Doctor Who.

Vicky is mostly way too busy for all this blogging malarkey, but if you go over to the Warriors website and click on ‘Meet Erin Hunter’, you can read Vicky’s blog about her spring tour of the USA as the face of Erin Hunter.

Lil is an author of funny, girly tween fiction, with Boys For Beginners published by Quercus and Secrets, Lies and Locker 62 due soon.

She and Michael are both represented as writers by our very own Greenhouse Literary Agency. Here’s Michael’s Greenhouse profile, where you can read all about his terrifying middle grade ghost story The Poisoned House.

And when they’re not writing their own books, Lil and Michael run a course on Writing For Children at the Writer’s Workshop.


Phew! I told you we were a talented lot…


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