Warriors: Omen of the Stars, The Last Hope

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It’s a bittersweet celebration on the WP blog today as we say hello to the final book in the current Warriors arc, The Last Hope, and goodbye to Firestar and the four Clans as we know them.

Omen of the Stars: The Last Hope

HarperCollins US cover for The Last Hope

HarperCollins US cover for The Last Hope

We have to take a moment to have a bit of a brag: at the time of writing, The Last Hope is ranked at #61 in all books on Amazon.com! We’re so proud of the huge response the Warriors and Seekers books have had from readers. The combined Erin Hunter books have sold over 11 million copies and spent a total of 100 weeks on the New York Times bestseller list. And it all started with the story of a brave kittypet called Rusty, setting out to find his own way in the wild.

Here’s a fond – but SPOILERY! –¬†farewell from Vicky Holmes, the brains behind the Erin Hunter team:

It seems hard to believe that we’re reached the 24th book in the Warriors series (and that’s not including the 2 dozen or so Special Editions, Super Editions, manga novels, e-books and online giveaways). All good things come to an end, Firestar included! I confess I did get a little emotional in his parting scenes (and I famously never cry when I kill off a cat!), but I know that the cats will continue to have adventures in future Super Editions and the fifth series, DAWN OF THE CLANS, in which we rewind history to witness the arrival of the very first Clans in the forest. I’m off to the States next week to promote THE LAST HOPE, and I’m braced for the trickiest questions ever about the decisions I made in my farewell to Firestar. Huge thanks as ever go to Kate Cary for breathing magnificent, sympathetic life into my storyline.

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