The Top 10 WP Characters

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Characters are the heart and soul of every story, and our stories are no different. We try to create characters who have their own distinct voices and motivations, characters that will keep people coming back to our books again and again. We held a vote to see which characters from WP books were the most beloved by their editors. The results might be surprising!

Thanks to all the WP editors for their votes, and thanks to all the brilliant writers who’ve brought these characters to life over the years.


10: Lusa and Toklo from Seekers

It’s a draw for 10th position on the list, and we just couldn’t choose between the two bears! Clare Hutton says this about Lusa:

She’s fun-loving and light-hearted, providing a much needed contrast to the tragic backstories of her companions. But she’s also incredibly brave: she leaves behind her family and comfortable life at the Bear Bowl, and she learns so much, growing from a heedless cub to a clever and self-reliant bear.

9: Sophie Morrow from The Witch of Turlingham Academy

Sophie’s one of our newest characters. Lil Chase says:

She’s fun, funny and loyal. Oh, and also a witch!

8: Morgan Abbot from Confessions of a First Daughter

Morgan’s got a lot on her plate in her two books – she’s the daughter of the President, she’s failing her SATs and she’s falling for her new Secret Service Agent! Sara Grant says:

She’s perfectly imperfect. She’s the right mix of funny and fabulous and I would love to create more books for her.

7: Jack Harkett from Vampire Plagues

James Noble says:

So much more than your typical Victorian street-urchin. Jack is resourceful and intelligent, and unfailingly heroic – you have to love anyone who stands up to a Mayan bat-god with such lack of hesitation!

6: Jake Bastin from Striker

Jake is our super-spy extraordinaire, a tough kid with a mysterious father.

James Noble and Sara Grant both nominated Jake. James says:

This young made had a lot to live up to with those initials, but J’s Bond, Bauer and Bourne surely were not this tough when they were teenagers!

And Sara says:

I got a little bit o crush on this football/spy/hero. He’s James Bond meets David Beckenham. What’s not to love?

5: Firestar from Warriors

One of our longest-running characters, and a firm favourite with readers as well as his editors! Clare Hutton nominated him:

Over twenty-five books, we follow his journey from Rusty the kittypet to the wise and benevolent leader of ThunderClan. He tries to right every wrong, suffers loss and heartbreak, and, above all Tries to Do The Right Thing, even at great personal cost. He’s a hero as well as a Warrior.

4: Olivia and Ivy from My Sister The Vampire

Another double entry at number four, these twin girls couldn’t be more different – one of them is a vampire, the other a peppy cheerleader – but over the course of twelve books they’ve discovered that deep down they have a lot in common. James nominated Ivy:

Because, sometimes, Ivy gets to say the things you wish you’d said at secondary school.

3: Elena from Beast Quest

Rosie Best says:

Elena may not be the top of the bill in Beast Quest, but she’s vital to every adventure, and even braver and smarter than Tom sometimes! And here’s a tip: if you’re playing through one of the Beast Quest Choose Your Own Adventure books, pay careful attention to what Elena says – it might save your life…

2: Mandy Hope from Animal Ark

Mandy’s first book came out way back in the mid-nineties, but she’s still a firm favourite in the WP office. Owner and founder of the company Ben Baglio says:

Mandy Hope, because she saved countless numbers of animals in Britain, as well as Africa, America and Australia. In all her books, Mandy fought tirelessly to defend animals that couldn’t defend themselves.


And in first place, it’s…

1: Wanna from Dinosaur Cove

DC editor Elizabeth Galloway had this to say about Jamie and Tom’s favourite dinosaur:

Wanna is the ultimate travel companion. He’s friendly, excitable and can sniff out a stinky gingko fruit from several T-Rex-size paces away – plus he’s a dinosaur! Wanna lives in the Late Cretaceous but always appears whenever Tom and Jamie travel into Dino World. His name is short for Wannanosaurus, which comes from Wannano – the place in China where his fossil was discovered.


And the runners up…

There were so many characters nominated that it seems unfair not to give each one an honourable mention. Here’s the list of characters who didn’t quite get enough votes to make it onto the main list:

Greystripe from Warriors

Tom, Petra and Sanpao the Pirate King from Beast Quest

Peri from Star Fighters

Kirsty and Rachel from Rainbow Magic

Daniel Packer from My Brother The Werewolf (a character whose book hasn’t even reached shelves yet!)

Kimi from Under The Cherry Blossom

Blodwedd from Warrior Princess

Olivier from Tangshan Tigers

Zach La Freniere from Vampire Beach

Charlotte from The Hen Night Prophecies

Carina from Cross My Heart

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