Survivors, the new dog series from Erin Hunter

Posted on August 21, 2012 by in News

It’s finally here. After a long time planning and plotting, today is the day that Survivors: The Empty City makes its way into the hands of readers. Editor Rosie Best says:

This book has been a little while coming. The idea of an Erin Hunter series about dogs has been lingering in the collective consciousness around here for years, so when HarperCollins decided it was time to take the plunge, we all knew we had a huge responsibility to live up to the rich, detailed worlds of Warriors and Seekers.

I think we’ve done that, with knobs on!

In Survivors: The Empty City, a street dog named Lucky survives the Big Growl only to find that the longpaws and their loudcages have mysteriously vanished, leaving a silent, broken world behind. What kind of dogs can flourish in this new land? How will Lucky learn to live in it?

Lucky’s journey is full of new friends, strange enemies and mysterious forces of nature. We’re so excited to share his story with all the Erin fans, and with the brand new readers who’ve never picked up an Erin Hunter book before. We’veĀ been lucky enough to have theĀ fantastic Gillian Philip on board as a new member of the Erin writing team, and Gillian has done a spectacular job of bringing the desolate world and our new heroes to life. (Kirkus agrees, giving The Empty City a starred review back in June!)

Good reading, and may Earth Dog protect you…

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