Survivors: The Empty City cover reveal, and our first wonderful review!

Posted on June 4, 2012 by in News

It’s finally here – the chosen cover for the first book in our fabulous new Erin Hunter series, Survivors.


The fans were given the chance to vote between two different covers – as demonstrated by HarperCollins’ own army of adorable pets in this Youtube video.

We have to admit, this is the cover we were rooting for. We think it’s gorgeous, and can’t wait to see it on the shelves in August!

But that’s not all the good news on the Survivors front. We’re absolutely brimming with pride to be able to share this starred Kirkus review. Kirkus don’t hand out stars lightly, so we’re ecstatic that they loved Lucky and the rest of the dogs as much as we do. Here’s what they had to say:

In this dog-themed series opener from the team behind the Warriors franchise, dogs must learn to face not only the results of the devastating earthquake that has turned their world upside down, but their own feelings of loyalty and independence.

With the earth swelling beneath them and their cages twisting around them, the dogs in the shelter are trapped and frightened. Familiar with the legend of the “Big Growl,” Lucky is able to quickly piece together what has happened. He and another dog, Sweet, manage to escape, only to find themselves in the middle of a city in ruin. With the humans (“longpaws”) gone, it is up to Lucky to try to find food and shelter. He is quickly joined by other dogs who are desperately hungry and unprepared for their new world. Lucky is a reluctant leader, eager for a life of solitude, but he feels a kinship and responsibility for this new pack. Weaving together the horrific yet all-too-familiar scenes of natural disaster with the mythical legends of the dogs, Hunter expertly explores the tensions between responsibility and freedom; risk and safety; and loyalty and acceptance. Viewing the unfolding adventure through Lucky’s eyes makes even the most mundane or familiar seem alive with magic.

Wild and wonderful adventure for middle-graders. (Adventure. 8-12)

Thank you Erin Hunter fans, and thank you Kirkus!

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