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Star Fighters book 8: Secret Weapon

Star Fighters book 8: Secret Weapon

Launching today: three new instalments in our fantastic sci-fi series Star Fighters! Pirate Ambush, Secret Weapon and Evil Star feature the next thrilling adventures of our heroes from the Intergalactic Force Academy. Editor James Noble says:

One of the tricky parts about developing series fiction is that you never really know when you are definitely, definitely working on the last book in a series. Sometimes, you can write to an ending you think is tremendous, only for the publisher to ask for further adventures; others, you can keep exciting ideas in reserve for later books that never get commissioned. Usually, we try to ensure that the last book of an arc is satisfying enough to serve as a grand finale, while leaving the story open in case we are asked to continue the series. In the case of the sixth book in our Star Fighters series, my colleague, Sara Grant, and I got very excited by a scenario which – spoiler alert! – saw our fearless heroes save their lives by creating a paradox that even a vortex in space could not contain (I promise, it makes sense when you read it!), and crossed our fingers that, when the time came, we could think of new action scenes that could live up to it.

We hope we have achieved this in the next four Star Fighters books (including a standalone special, due in October), which see Peri, Diesel, Selene and Otto (yes, he is their friend now!) continuing to travel the universe on behalf of the I.F. These new adventures will see them pit their wits against alien gangsters, and a cunning bounty hunter – who has a secret connection to one of the crew…

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