Star Fighters: Crash Landing, Lethal Combat and Space Wars

Posted on April 12, 2012 by in News

It’s publication day for the second set of three books in our fantastic sci-fi series, Star Fighters!

Star Fighters: Crash Landing

SF4 Crash Landing

Editor James Noble says:

The series is one of my personal favourites, and these three books see a raising of the stakes – not just for our central characters, but also the series itself. Much credit goes to the publisher, Bloomsbury, for giving myself and my colleague, Sara Grant, license to try some rather insane ideas! Of course, setting a series in the 51st century means that we can always get away with our wildly implausible technological innovations by saying, “Surely that will be invented sometime during the next three thousand years!”

Book #4 – Crash Landing – is one that I’m particularly fond of, because it adds a bit of a ‘horror’ element to the galactic proceedings, with the introduction of the ‘Moon-Bats’ (brought to impressively scary life in Sam Hadley’s sterling illustrations). Book #6 – Space Wars – brings the series’ first arc to a close, and gives us a lot to live up to with Books #7-#9, due to launch in August. But with our terrific writers returning for another journey to the most dangerous corners of the universe, we’re confident that the series will go from strength to strength!

Don’t forget to visit the amazing Star Fighters website, where you can buy the books, play Star Blasters and download your own Intergalactic Force Academy Pack!

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