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Posted on July 12, 2012 by in News

Today’s post is brought to you by the wonderful Rachel Richardson, who works with Rights People to sell the rights to Working Partners projects all over the world. Rachel says:


Quite often, foreign publishers use the US or UK cover for their edition in translation, but sometimes the specific needs of the market call for something a bit more special. Here are my top five favourite foreign covers for Working Partners books.


5. Warriors – Beltz & Gelber (German)

An obvious choice. This cover is classic and I think perfectly represents the savage imagery of Erin Hunter’s first series. In fact, this cover is so appealing many other foreign publishers are using it instead of the US version!

 Lady Grace Russian


4. The Lady Grace Mysteries – Olma (Russian)

Olma covers are always pretty special, and I like this one best. I love the details of it: the costumes, the background, the two little dogs, and the faux bookmark.

Heartland Japanese

3. Heartland – Asunaro Shobo (Japanese)

These editions are oldies but goodies – I love the sweet artwork on them.

BQ french insides

2. Beast Quest – Hachette (France)

It’s not so much the cover (which is the same as the UK edition) that I love about this book, but the full color illustrations. They really jump out and make the book into a lovely package that anyone would want to read and own.

Seekers Chinese coverSeekers Chinese illustration

1. Seekers – Modern and Ancient Legend (Chinese)

These editions get my award for absolute favourite! It was an exciting day when I opened the package containing these lovely books. I’m sure I’m not supposed to find these ferocious bears as adorable as I do, but I think we can all agree they’re pretty cute!


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