New ebooks: Slumber and Witch Hunt

Posted on July 17, 2013 by in News

We’re hugely excited to announce that our first Young Adult ebook titles are on sale now!


Slumber editor Rosie Best says:

When Ruby takes over her sick mother’s cleaning job at the gothic Cottingley Heights, she thinks it’s going to be the same drudgery as always. But at Cottingley, Ruby discovers a community of strangely beautiful, idle teenagers who do nothing but wreck their beautiful house with endless partying. When she meets the handsome Tam and his vindictive ex Violet, she’s drawn deep into their strange world and finds her life and her family under threat.

Slumber is a thrilling and sexy journey down the rabbit hole into a world of fairy tales and magic.


Witch Hunt editor Elizabeth Galloway says:

They call you a sinner. A traitor. A witch. What if it’s all true?

Sixteen-year-old Ruth lives in New Salem, a simple farming town surrounded by high walls to protect it from the hellish wasteland beyond. Ruth has grown up used to a life of piety and hard work, and has never questioned the town’s strict religious rules or harsh punishments. But she and two friends, Sarah and Elizabeth, discover that evil lurks at the heart of New Salem – and they are witches with the power to defeat it.

When Ruth is attacked at night and defends herself with magic, the town declares a witch hunt. To survive, Ruth will need her friends, her powers – and the help of a mysterious boy who has glimpsed the world beyond the walls…

witch hunt


Witch Hunt and Slumber are both being published by Diversion Books. You can buy your copy direct from their website, or from all good ebook distributors!

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