Three more WP books on shelves this week!

Posted on May 4, 2012 by in News

We’ve already seen a grand total of seven new Working Partners books released this week with the launches of Monstrous Maud and Little Sparkles. But those aren’t the only WP books arriving in shops this week! There are three more…

Beast Quest: The Pirate’s Curse

BQ Pirate's Curse

In our third Beast Quest choose your own adventure, Sanpao the Pirate King has summoned two ferocious beasts to terrorise Avantia, and only you can help Tom defeat him!

My Sister the Vampire: Flying Solo

MSTV flying solo

Olivia and Ivy are at different schools, with Ivy flying off to special vamp school Wallachia Academy. Will Ivy get used to the strict Academy rules, and will Olivia be able to pass as Ivy to get into a vampires-only rock concert?

Dinosaur Cove: Snorkelling with the Saw Shark

DC Saw Shark

The fifth book in the Permian Age series of Dinosaur Cove sees Jamie, Tom and Wanna exploring the warm oceans and finding a little more than they bargained for!

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