Lucky Stars and the Battle of the Beasts

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This week we’re thrilled to be able to share the launch of not one but two brand new series! Lucky Stars is a fun wish-fulfilling adventure published by Macmillan, and Battle of the Beasts is a thrilling new series set in the future of Beast Quest’s world of Avantia, published by Orchard. Commissioning Editor Elizabeth Galloway has worked on both series. Here’s her introduction to our two latest additions:


Lucky Stars

Lucky Stars is a new series about friendship, magic and making wishes come true. The series follows Cassie’s adventures after a shooting star tumbles through her bedroom window one night, and transforms into Stella Starkeeper. Stella has wonderful news – helpful Cassie has been chosen to become a Lucky Star: someone who grants wishes! With the help of her geeky friend Alex, his puppy Comet, and Twinkle – Cassie’s grumpy old cat – she wins the magical charms that give her the powers every Lucky Star needs.

Cassie and Stella flying high over Astral-on-Sea

Cassie and Stella flying high over Astral-on-Sea

We’ve been blown away by the love and care Macmillan has shown this project. The packaging is gorgeous, Karen Donnelly’s inside illustrations delightful, and the series even comes with a bracelet and charms the reader can collect alongside Cassie.

BQ Ferno v Epos

Battle of the Beasts

Book 1: Ferno vs Epos

It’s the question every Beast Quest fan has been asking: if two Beasts fought each other, which would win? But for Tom, hero of Beast Quest, a battle between Avantia’s Good Beasts is not a dream come true, but a nightmare… The story is set a few years after the main Beast Quest series. Tom, now sixteen, has formed a Knight Academy to train a new generation of Avantian heroes. All goes well until the academy is infiltrated by Maximus, son of the evil Wizard Malvel. Maximus magically enslaves Ferno the Fire Dragon, and a recruit from the academy must tame a Beast and meet him in battle. Who dares enter Epos the Flame Bird’s lair? Step forward brave young Sam…

Orchard Books always creates stunning covers for Beast Quest, and Ferno vs Epos is no exception. We love the dynamic look of this new series.


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