How We Work

Working Partners is a fiction packager, which means our team of editors creates ideas for original fiction in-house. We write up detailed storylines, recruit brilliant writers to put the flesh on the bones, and then sell the books to publishers all over the world.

All our ideas are generated in-house, so we do not accept submissions or proposals from writers.

Read on to find out more, or take a look at Writing for Us to discover how you can get involved.


The editorial team at Working Partners creates a detailed storyline document outlining the characters and what will happen in each chapter of the story. We then approach a number of writers whose experience and style we think might suit the project and ask them to write a sample – usually the first three chapters of the book.


The editorial team picks the sample with the voice that we think works best for the project. Sometimes, we might ask two writers to revise their sample before we make the final decision. While we’re not able to pay writers for their samples, we always send detailed editorial feedback.


Once the final decision has been made, Working Partners makes a last edit before sending out the sample and storyline document to publishers.


When a publisher signs up to the project we create a contract for the writer to write the book (or books) and pay the writer an advance. The book is normally published under a pseudonym but the writer is always credited for their work.