Books, cake, books and cake: a Rights Person on tour

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This week Rachel Richardson of Rights People gives us an illustrated run-down of her trip to Eastern Europe!


Day 0: I leave my house in a panic because I can’t find my train tickets. Taxi to office. No tickets there! Oh well. At least I have my sales material! I take a train to the airport.

Last person on the plane! But not because I’m late; I was stuck at the back of the bus that drove us from the gate. Sophisticated Rights People are not always relegated to the likes of Easy Jet but the flight time was more convenient than British Airways. I buy a coffee and start reading the latest, hottest manuscript from one of our clients.


Arrive in Budapest. Check into my speakeasy themed hotel. It’s a little bit dark and creepy, since I’m on my own, but never mind. Unsuccessful hunt for goulash.

Day 1: Sunshine at last! It’s a beautiful morning in Budapest.

I set out for a day of meetings, being sure to update my colleagues at home about all cake-related proceedings.

Lunch with one of our publishers, and I finally get my goulash. It won’t be the last! In the meantime, I’m off to buy replacement train tickets.

After my last meeting of the day, I head to the biggest bookstore in town, and spend about an hour looking at the books, trawling spines for new publishers to contact. There’s wifi in the bookshop, so I tweet the whole time (link), and send Charles a picture I think he’ll enjoy, as it combines his two great loves: wine and books!

Finally, time to unwind! I let my thoughts for the day process and enjoy the scenery of Budapest (and hunt down more goulash).

Day 2: Up at an ungodly hour to get a train to Zagreb, but it’s a good thing I’m early because the train time changed since I made my reservation! Even so, the train is delayed getting into Zagreb and I’m late for my meeting with Ana from Znanje. She doesn’t mind, and takes me on a tour of their printing press, where I spy Warrior Cats book 4 fresh off the press!

Ana takes me for more cake and we sit and gossip for a while before I head over to Algoritam for a meeting and dinner with Neven. It’s great to see so many of our books on their shelves! I try some Croatian honey brandy and maybe let slip about the manuscript I started reading on the plane…

Day 3: Another sunny day in Zagreb! I’m lucky to have three exciting meetings and a lunch with publishers followed by an afternoon exploring bookstores. Our books are prominently displayed everywhere! And if they weren’t before, they are after my “redecoration!”

I wave goodbye to Zagreb (for now) and set off for Ljubljana.

Day 4:

Look at this wall of Beast Quest!

My second meeting in Ljubljana is with Alica, a fabulous publisher who do lots of our books. We head out for lunch, and stop in a book store where I spot many of Alica’s books, and others from our list.

I enjoy the scenery (and ice cream) of Ljubljana in between meetings.

Day 5: Before my meeting with Mladinska Knjiga, the biggest publisher in Slovenia, I take the time to explore their bookshop (also, I think, the biggest in Slovenia) on the main drag in Ljubljana. Look at all these books!

My last meeting is with a lovely new contact, and I’m in the mood to celebrate:

After I finish, Amer and Ljubica from Alica take me to Bled, an exquisite lake in Slovenia known for its natural beauty and, you guessed it, cake!

After a perfect afternoon, they drop me at the train station.

Day 6: I’m back in Zagreb to participate in the Saturday afternoon coffee ritual.

After some last minute gossiping with publishers, I’m ready for a holiday! Luckily, Day 7 finds me wending my way here:


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